What is Thermography?

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Thermography is an Inflammation Detector

Thermography is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure that captures and records temperature variations on the skin. The skin is the body’s most intelligent organ and is “wired” with a communication network connecting all other organs and physiological processes in the body. The skin responds to physiological changes and our FLIR camera observes those changes. Assessments of these changes are reported by medical professionals trained to correlate thermal findings with a person’s health history and concerns.

Thermography is different from other imaging modalities. 


X-rays, CT Scans, MRI’s and Ultrasound are all imaging modalities, that examine anatomy, or structure. Thermography captures, in “real-time,” the effects of inflammation and inflammatory processes as revealed by the subtle temperature patterns of the skin. Therefore, Thermography is a “test” of function or physiology.

Our Approach & Commitment

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We offer the best quality images at affordable prices.

1. Privacy imaging with a privacy screen between you and the thermographer, you feel comfortable throughout the appointment. 


2. To provide the clearest and most concise images you must have a quality camera! This is exactly why we only use the cutting-edge FLIR Max 307 Radiometric Auto Focus Medical Infrared Camera. To ensure uncompromised high HD images, we use over 300,000 pixels! Our camera is FDA 510K cleared and combined with TotalVision, the patented software we use, we can produce the finest quality and detailed images. 


Something About Mary....

Mary Ferry, Clinical Thermographer

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Mary Ferry is the President/Owner of Whole’istic Wellness Journey & Discovery and is a Certified medical Thermographer. Her own health journey was full of frustration and for that reason, she wants to help ease the burden for other people. She understands how invaluable being in control of your own health is and how imperative it is to be your own health advocate. Her desire, passion, and God-given purpose is to provide people with resources to empower them to take charge of their health and help them achieve their goals for optimal health.

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