Welcome to Whole'istic Wellness Journey & Discovery. A key to your health and wellness is detecting thermal changes and controlling inflammation in the body. 

Our Thermography program is an easy, pain-free method of discovering high levels of inflammation in the body allowing you to be more proactive about your health and your wellness program. 

Medical Thermography has 4 general categories of application, and a variety of specialized applications. The general categories are:

It is a Health Discovery tool
Used as part of a proactive approach to Health and Wellness
It is an Adjunctive Imaging modality
It Monitors the effectiveness of wellness plans/treatments
Thermography is a physiological examination of the body which means it’s looking at your body in real-time. We are looking at the skin surface temperature differential. When something is going on, the sympathetic nervous system plays its role and produces patterns on the surface of the skin for us to capture and interpret.  

Are you tired of wondering...

  • Why do I feel this way?

  • Do I have areas I need to be holistically working on?

  • Is my current wellness efforts working?

  • How do the choices I make affect my body?

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